Gil Badiccini

"Whilst my degree is in Photography a large majority of the course consisted of education, Music and Design ,as highlighted by the list of modules completed on my course shown .

I feel I have learned more than just the theory behind - also many fundamental skills for my career and life. As I am a mature person I have other qualities to bring to the work place such as good team work, organizational skills, efficiency and I am very meticulous, I show consistency in all the work I do. I work well under pressure and I love a challenge.
I posses excellent verbal and written communication skills and am able to relate to a wide range of people. All these skills have been enhanced during all the study experience  I have gained over the years.
I have a Slight impairment (full details are available on request), but this has not in any way prevented me from successfully completing a demanding degree  and further education qualifications. Far from being a disadvantage, this has increased my awareness of the needs of others and has increased my determination to succeed and to persevere when obstacles are placed in my path." (Gil Badichi) 

About Me

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

— Jonathan Swift

Gil Badichi

Gil Badichi is also a competent-Optician Ggraduate ,using his creativity thinking and Building Internet Constructors.

Highly focused with a comprehensive knowledge & visual appearance .

Gil has a Possessing a proven track record of successfully completing projects
from the basic .
Eager to learn, easy going by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues and senior managers.

Gil has   graduate with strong communication and organizational skills Gained in Arts,  Moved into a career as  Digital New Media Developer. 



Gil Badiccini is a Photo Developer and reportage photographer, based in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Artista Digital- Diseñador Gráfico y Web  Fotógrafo & Developer.

"When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me  exploring national parks, Cafes, Restaurants While Riding Bikes or Walk Looking at Architecture.


My work focuses on capturing a moment in time, whether it's portraiture, lifestyle, imagery, or just the perfect location.

Always experimenting with new techniques, I'm equally comfortable with   digital Cameras & technologies, Obtain the use according to the needs of the project.

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